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bloater art

I am a HUGE, Bloater-sized fan of The Last of Us. I mean, I think the entire universe is a fan. How could you NOT be? Gahh I’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it. I think I may be due for another The Last of Us run…

Anyway, when I saw these adorably disgusting yet terrifying Bloater prints from Erick Scarecrow I knew I needed one in my life and on my wall. Not only that, but I knew some of you would ALSO want one on your wall, ceiling, mirror, bathroom, y’know, wherever. (I personally think a Bloater in a bathroom would be rad. After all, Bloaters are known to show up when you least expect them. Also the name “Bloater” just kind of…fits…with the theme of a bathroom.)

bloater prints

Erick has graciously offered up THREE 11 x 17 signed Bloater prints aaand I’m really stoked to give them away. Friends, these won’t be available for purchase until next year, BUT I HAVE THREE OF THEM FOR YOU NOW.  These are exclusive prints based on Naughty Dog’s and Erick’s collaboration for The Last of Us collectibles.

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  1. I think I would have been more freaked out by the Bloaters, but they only showed up a few times in the game. The ones in the tunnel are pretty easy to avoid, it was the school / dorms where you had to run past one that was pretty unsettling. And of course the one in the gym; I think it was my old P.E. teacher….

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