My new Woman Cave is still a work in progress, which means I’m trying to, well, cleanse. During this so-called cleanse (which basically means I’m just shoving stuff from one corner to another) I came across a three-tier drawer that was *SURPRISE* full of video games. I’m not even going to bother with them, meaning I’m just going to give them away. While scoping out the forgotten loot, I stumbled across several copies EACH of Mario Kart 64, Super Mario Bros., Mario’s Time Machine and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. SO TAKE THEM. TAKE THEM AWAY.

mario games

I can’t guarantee the games will work, as I haven’t tried them out myself. Mario’s Time Machine is quite gross with dust, but if you know how to clean these bad boys the proper way I don’t think you’ll have any problems. As you can see, Super Mario Bros. has a Gary’s TV & Video sticker plastered on the front, and there are two more on the back. Mario Kart 64 is in great condition and New Super Mario Bros. Wii’s disc is scuffed, but HEY all of this is free, so you’re out nothing in case something doesn’t work.


OH. One more thing. Uh, because I’m trying to purge some of the older games most people don’t want, you’re getting these as well.

Sport games


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  1. Yayyyy Mario giveaways!!!!! My first Mario game was the duck hunt/super Mario pack on the NES…ahhhh memories. :)

  2. That is a nice collection of Mario games :) As someone else posted, my first Mario game was the Super Mario/Duck Hunt game :)

  3. My first video game was Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt when my parents bought the NES for Christmas way back when.

  4. My first Mario game was the original that game with the 8-bit system. Thw one with Duck Hunt and the gun!

  5. First Mario game was the original Mario on the NES. I don’t think I played Donkey Kong with Mario (or Jump Man) before that lol. Favorite Mario game is probably Super Mario World on the SNES :)

  6. Super Mario Bros. NES, Still have it laying around somewhere too. Whelp guess I know what I’m going to go find now…

  7. My first Mario game was the original gangsta NES Mario Brothers. My cousin and I would stay up late trying to get through the game believing that it had infinity number of levels. That and Friday the 13th NES were like my first ever sexperiences with vidja gamez.

  8. My first mario game was super mario bros 3
    but the first I bought and beat myself was Super Mario Sunshine :D

  9. And now a little creative editing: ” I’m trying to, well, cleanse” ”
    My new Woman Cave” . You’re welcome Britt fanboys. ;-)

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