Win Handsome Jack’s Loot! (Srzly)

HEY BORDERLANDS FANS! Do you consider yourself to be the balls-craziest Borderlands nutjob the world, nay, the UNIVERSE has ever laid eyes upon?! DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH BORDERLANDS SWAG THAT IT’S COMING OUT OF YOUR ARSEHOLE?! Do you have permanent Borderlands ink, also commonly known as tattoos, INJECTED INTO YOUR SKIN?! DO YOU COSPLAY BORDERLANDS CHARACTERS EVERY WAKING MINUTE OF EVERY FUCKING DAY?!

Then you need to do the following STAT (taken from the official YouTube page):

1. Create a video on why you deserve Jack’s Loot. Make sure to identify your Twitter handle. (90 seconds maximum)
2. Upload the video to YouTube, Vine, or Instagram
3. Post the link to the video on your Twitter account with #JackLoot and #Contest

I tell you these things because I love you and want you to win the Claptrap and send it to me. Think of it as my commission fee.

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