**CLOSED** Win Britt’s Shit #4!

IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME, FRIENDS. But my shit has not gone anywhere, which means it’s still available for winnage. <333

Also, you may or may not have noticed this contest doesn’t end until December 20th, which is, like, a long ways away. I may or may not be going on vacation (more deets on that tomorrow AM!) so I thought I’d leave it open until I get back and settled and all that jazz.


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  1. I love you Blondnerd. There’s nothing fake about you. Just joy and passion for gaming and all things nerd culture. I appreciate that. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. If it was male i would name him steve. If it was female i would name it autumn. In the event that this pikachu was a shiny i would name it sparks.

  3. I would call it some sort of old tyme Classic name like Old Yellar. Yellow Yella Yellar?… or something like that.

  4. Shittachu



    Check out me channel if ya get a chance!

    Shogundeath777 on the youtube!

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