Win a Zombie Sak + Kukri!

Zombie Sak

I’m not saying the zombie apocalypse is going to happen, but I’m not saying it isn’t, either. After all, one can never be too prepared these days, especially with all of the technology and chemical science-y shit you KNOW is going on behind closed doors. Should Z-Day arrive in my lifetime I’m not concerned for my safety — in fact I welcome it — for I am a zombie master (bater) (couldn’t resist) (disclaimer: I do not perform sexual favors for the undead) and I feel as though I am mentally and physically capable to take care of myself.

But like I said one can never be too prepared, and instead of me holding onto this Zombie Sak I’m going to give it away to a lucky winner. SEE?! I care about your safety more than mine. /Sigh. If you win this, dear winner YOU BETTER MAKE ME PROUD! ::shakes fist::

Ahem. Zombie Sak has sent a Basic Zombie Survival Kit as WELL as few rations and a Kukri. Everything enclosed is SERIOUSLY amazing, so take a peek at photos of each individual item below!


A little disclaimer — you must be over the age of 18 to win this prize. Apparently you youngins’ aren’t capable of handling sharp objects (the Kukri). But for serious, this rule has nothing to do with Zombie Sak or I, it’s just the unfortunate way it has to be. :(


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  1. I’d probably take the knife…I’d be able to find what I needed on my own but I knife would be great to start off with.

  2. The kukri obviously. So I could chop shit up! >:D
    I seriously like reallyreallyreally want/need this in my life!

  3. I would want all of it…but if I could only have one thing, with the kukri I could just take someone else’s kit. ;-)

  4. If the Zombocalypse happened, I’d go out of my way to save you! I need someone to reminiscence about video games.

  5. the little first aid kit with the moist towelettes. A knife is relatively easy thing to acquire even just in my house. Something that can treat wounds and is easy to carry around in case of even tiny cuts which could go septic would be invaluable. infected wounds are one of the top killers of people in a world without doctors and easy access antibiotics…though that is one sexy Knife.

  6. Hmm. What one item would I grab… probably the water bottle. You need water to survive and I imagine finding clean water to store is going to be tough.

  7. Everyone is picking the Kukri and I really want to be contrarian, but since I don’t do guns I’m gonna need all the bladed weapons I can get!

  8. The kukri is vital, BUT how how would you scavenge all the supplies, because wouldn’t nearly every survivor, if any, already raid stores for the supplies? so I would want everything in the Zombie Sak!!!! Zombie Apocalypse, HERE I COME!!!!!! :-)

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