**CLOSED** Win a Zelda Shirt from Once Upon a Tee!

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Why, hello weary travelers! What brings you to this corner of the internet? …Oh? You say you were tempted by a seductive wood creature who made promises of free garb? WELL THEN YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT FUCKING PLACE.

Once Upon a Tee is a website that offers weekly collections of limited tees for $12 based on a theme. For example, their first collection was Star Wars, the second was Game of Thrones, and the current collection is the Legend of Zelda! They’ve graciously teamed up with yours truly for a giveaway, and that means that YOU, not I, have the chance of winning a free shirt. Psh. I love you guys so much and I AM SO UNSELFISH.

Peruse their wares of the Legend of Zelda variety in the slideshow below, then enter in the Rafflecopter! After the contest is over, I’ll reach out to the winner and ask them for their preferred design and all that jazz. :D



a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. The game of thrones with just link and the game of mask shirts are my favorite but i would go with the game of masks shirt for sure.

  2. Despite the fact that I’ve never actually played Portal*, it’s definitely my favorite of the shirts.

    *Yes, I know I am terrible.

  3. I missed out last time, cause I won but couldn’t check my emails. :(
    But screw it! Lets try this again!
    I love the portal/link one :)
    Its nice and bright and amusing.

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