**CLOSED** Win A Zelda Box From Arcade Block!

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Hey, all of you awesome and rad people of the world. I’M TALKING TO YOU, BUTTERCUPS. Also I hope you’re okay if I call you “Buttercups” from now on. Think of it as a pet name and a sign of my undying love for you. <3

::Ahem:: Moving on…

The rad folks at Arcade Block are releasing a block that features several items from The Legend of Zelda. Which, y’know, is pretty awesome. Know what’s even better? They’ve given me a block to give to one of you! If you’re interested, enter the Rafflecopter below. This is a short turnaround, so if you’re going to enter, make sure you do it soon!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I’d take the Fighter’s Sword from A Link to a Past, because that will be the start of the greatest adventure!

  2. Roc’s feather. Can’t classify it as a weapon. Can’t confiscate it. Also less chance of me decapitating myself accidentally.

  3. Hookshot. I would hookshot myself everywhere. Casually sitting on the couch, hookshot to the kitchen! Sitting at the computer, hookshot to the bathroom!

  4. I would choose link’s Ocarina that way I could make it rian turn day to night and turn back the clock so I could play video game and watch anime and still have time have plenty of time to get my work done

  5. For sure the “Hover Boots”. Dope gold trim and wing tips on the heel, make them fashionable and practical.

  6. Zelda, you can call me sexist for calling her an item but uummmmm I would have her so you would have to also call me a genius. MUAHAHHAHAHAH!

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