**CLOSED**Win a T-Shirt from 8Ball!


Greetings, and¬†GUESS WHAT?! I’ve teamed up with 8Ball for a contest! This is great news for you because it means you — the awesome, amazing and studly person reading this — has the chance to win a free t-shirt from their “Geek T-Shirt” collection!

It’s SO very simple to enter. All you need to do is peruse their two-page collection of geeky t-shirts and tell me (in the comments below) which t-shirt you would choose should you be chosen the lucky winner!

See, it’s so simple a paramecium could do it.

Good luck! The contest ends this Friday.


  1. “What’s a paramecium?” :P

    Heh, I’d go with either Batman, Iron Man, Thundercats or Pixel Pad #5 (Nintendo controller)

  2. I would choose the Star Wars Far Away Falcon shirt because without Han, Chewy and the Falcon, Luke would have ended up like Porkins and then who’d save the Jedi Order..?

  3. I think I’d have to go with the Commodore 64 logo shirt. That was my own first computer. We had the deluxe one with actual Commodore monitor, floppy disk drive, and both the joysticks and the twist controllers.

  4. If I win I’d totally go for the Batman t-shirt, although I’d love to get like a dozen others too haha but if I only gotta go with one, I’m going with the goddamn Batman.

  5. I never win but since they dont have any Dragon age shirts, Airwolf shirt is pretty kewl. But they dont have my size either so LOL oh well Good Luck everyone else

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