**CLOSED** Win a Rhinestone D20 Underthing From GeekyHostess!


Some of you may remember my Zaxy days, when I co-ran a blog with Tara Theoharis and Kristina Horner. If you’re one of those folks, FIST PUMP FOR BEING AN OG! ::internet fist pump::  Ahem. Anywho,  I recently grabbed dinner and drinks with Tara — we reminisced on times of old, and she reminded me of just how damn cool she is.  That may or may not have anything to do with the fact that she also gave me the pair of kickass D20 underwear you see above. (But seriously, check out her blog. I aspire to be like her someday.)

BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER. We’re teaming up to give away a Rhinestone D20 Cheeky Panty from her shop!


Whaddya say? Want to win a pair for yourself, your lady friend, or hell, even your man friend?! Enter below! The contest ends Thursday morning. :) GOOD LUCK!

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  1. I am paler and hairier so don’t worry about it. Now to get a lady friend who I can give underwear to without it being weird.

  2. No one wants to see all of this in that. I’d get these for Mrs Ninja though :)

    Maybe I’ll roll a crit lol

  3. Sure, you’re pale. But you live in Seattle, so I’ll give you a pass. Anyway, you’re positively dark compared to Jim Gaffigan, so there’s that…

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