**CLOSED** Win a N7 Armour Stripe Hoody!


Ladies and gentleman, I bring you the last prize of the evening — a N7 Armour Stripe Hoody! This is a men’s XL, but ladies, you can totally rock this too! (For the record, the inside of this thing is insanely fuzzy and I kind of want to keep it. BUT I’M NOT GOING TO BE SELFISH.)

GOOD LUCK! And a HUUUUUGE thank you to BioWare for supplying all of the amazing prizes, and to all of you who have participated! You have truly made this day awesome. Thank you! <3 <3 <3

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  1. lol, that is the great thing about items like this, if people know what it is they would instantly talk to you and everyone else just thinks it is a normal item.

  2. commenting on all the things! I need this to fulfill my Garrus/ femShep dreams. I will wear this, and my husband will be painted blue and read me poetry. or something.

    • Dude, if I could give away prizes based on best comments you would have won the majority of ’em! HAHA!

      • hahaha YES. think about Garrus poetry with a little scarf the next time you’re eating wings. I think it would be killer.

  3. I haven’t play Mass Effect in a long ass time haha, but I played quite a bit today in between classes!

  4. rock on blond nerd. thank you for not tweeting every 7 seconds about playing next gen until your eyes bleed like the rest of the too-cool for nondies media crowd!

  5. I would be the most best wife ever if I won this. I would get away with all kinds of TV/game hogging if I had this to give him.

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