Win A Ketti Handbag! (And Store All Of Your Nerdy Goodness In It!)


One of the biggest struggles I face at conventions isn’t related to appointments, video games or being hungover. Nay. It’s, “HOW IN THE HELL AM I GOING TO CARRY EVERYTHING WITH ME?!”

Friends, let me just say I’m not a purse person. In fact, I despise carrying purses so much I, well…I don’t carry them. I’ll burden someone else with the task of holding my ID and credit card in their purse/wallet for the duration of whatever it is we’re doing. I can be extremely forgetful so I’m always struggling with the mental reminder of NOT forgetting my purse, I put way too much unnecessary stuff in said purses (YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU’LL NEED THAT RECEIPT FROM A WEEK AGO) and let’s be honest, I can use the money I’d need to buy a purse with on video games. PRIORITIES, PEOPLE.

So, again, when it comes time to convention season (which is basically all-year ’round) I’m faced with a very real struggle. Without a purse, how am I supposed to haul all of this stuff with me?!

typical con gear

What you’re looking at, ladies and gentlemen, is my typical convention go-to kit. It took many years to master, but I think I’ve nailed it. It consists of my iPad/keyboard combo for writing stories, my glasses for, uh, vision, my wallet, a protein bar, my prized 3DS and an energy drink. And depending on what day it is, I might need aspirin, or a charging cable, a bottle of water…you never know.

A week or so before PAX an angel by the name of Ketti reached out to me. Ketti explained she designed and produced a small line of camera/gear bags, and that her newest design — the Schoolgirl — would be perfect for all of my gaming/convention needs. Just when I thought it was too good to be true, she offered to send me one to try. And keep. And love forever.

Now, I call her an angel as she sent me this email just as I was starting to ponder how I was going to do PAX this year. (My typical go-to purse broke during E3, so I was purseless. That’s what I get for spending only 20 bucks.) Basically, her email couldn’t have come at a better time. Like I said I’m not a purse person, but even I was beyond excited to receive this in the mail. And when it finally came in one would’ve thought it was Dragon Age: Inquisition or something because I wasted NO time getting all up in that.

everything fits

Like, everything fit so incredibly well I wanted to cry. I’m the kind of person that just throws shit in the bottom of things and calls it good, but with this purse it’s actually *gasp* EASY to be organized. Everything had a perfect little pocket to go into. The purse shut wonderfully, I still had room and pockets to spare, and it truly, TRULY made my PAX much more convenient. No longer did I have to dig for hours just to find a pen or a business card. Nope. I was Efficient McGee with this thing. In short, I cannot recommend the Schoolgirl bag enough.


Speaking of — Ketti has graciously offered to give away a Schoolgirl bag to one of my readers! THAT MEANS YOU. If you’d rather just purchase one now, you can save 15% off with the BLONDENERD15 discount code. (Valid through 9/30/2014!)

But if you’d like to try your luck at winning one, enter below. This purse is just amazing. And I don’t say that lightly. I mean, guys, I actually wear a purse now. (Wear? Is that what we do? We “wear” them?) Note that I have the Electric Blue color, but they also come in Moss and Caramel, too! You’ll be able to choose whatever color you like if you win. <3


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  1. I love this purse! It’s awesome. When I go to cons I always end up with a backpack with wayy too much stuff in it. I need to have water, snacks, wallet, phone, iPad, 3DS, gum, buttons and cash! :)

  2. Holy… wow, LOVE these bags! It would be perfect for my camera, lens, mem cards, phone, biz cards, lip gloss, bubble-mint gum (yum!), extra sharpie (just in case), AND maybe a rad extra costume change as well! Thanks for the sweet chance!

  3. I’ve never been to a gaming convention (though I did go to a book convention as a speaker!), but I think I’d bring an iPad, journal, and my wallet. Obviously. Thanks for the giveaway!

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