Win a FREE Zombie Portrait!

I am in freakin’ LOVE with this hand-drawn, zombified piece of yours truly. While I wish I could take the credit and say that I myself drew the above awesomeness, I don’t think I’d be fooling anyone. Seriously. I fuck up stick figures.

Have you guys heard of I never had until my buddy Jayson told me about it. In a nutshell, the website lists a bunch of things people are willing to do for five bucks—GET’CHUR  MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER—and one of the listings is a zombified self-portrait drawn by Nathan Shields.  Now, as if Jayson weren’t cool enough for introducing me to this website, he surprised me and worked with  Nathan to zombifiy the below photo:

Because I’m so stoked about it (aaaaand because I may or may not be a zombie fanatic) I’ve talked with Nathan and we’re going to run a lil’ contest. If you’d like to have your portrait zombified for FREE, leave a comment below telling me what you would name your pet zombie. I’ll pick a winner at random next week and contact you with the details!


  1. I would name my zombie Cana Dian (Canadian) cause hes be a Canadian zombie which are immune to cold making them Awesome!

  2. If it’s a cat (which it would definitely be) I’d call it Little Evil (or Satan for short) because it’s still cute even though it’s dead.
    If it’s a dog I’d probably call it Chunks as soon as it starts leaving bits of itself laying around.

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