**CLOSED** Win a Commander Shep 16 GB USB!


Ladies and gentleman, it is N7 Day 2013 and we are kicking off this day of awesome giveaways with a 16 GB Commander Shepard USB Drive! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO STICK SHEPARD INTO THINGS.

You have an hour! GOGOGO!

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  1. Heh, Im about to finish ME3 for the first time today… Love it already… Just hope the ending wont ruin it for me

  2. OMG I want him so bad!
    I think Shepard’s favorite thing to do is dance when none of her crew members are watching. She totaly rocks the floor in ME3 when no one else is around!

  3. Play with the space hamster, obviously. Also known as, stopping it from ruling the universe. That’s why it was so important to find it in ME3.

  4. I think Shepard’s favorite thing to do is nail every hittable species in the Galaxy, seriously, both Sheps are such playas.

  5. My Shepard likes to drink most of the time and spend time with friends/lover to try to keep her (yes, for me Shepard is a girl) mind off space from time to time. Also collecting model ships and playing with her hamster.

  6. My Shepard likes to leave. He LIKES to leave. He likes To leave. He likes to LEAVE. He really sounds like that.

  7. My shep just likes hanging with his friends. Needs to recharge after all the stress of saving the galaxy just need to kick back and relax!

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