Win a Barstow hat signed by the crew of We’re Alive!!! – WINNER!!!


Unfortunately, I have no way of contacting you Mr. Tony Manchen (WHARE IZ UR EMAIL ADDY?!), so I’ll give you a day or two to respond! Shoot me an email to Britt @ and I’ll get you hooked up.

If Tony doesn’t respond I’ll select another winner :)

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Want something AWESOME? Something that, uh, was supposed to be given away at the We’re Alive live event last month but I forgot it backstage?

A-HA! I knew you would!

What you’re looking at, ladies and gentlemen, is a Barstow Aztecs Pride hat signed by the We’re Alive cast members present at the We’re Alive live reading.  Now, if you’re unsure as to WHY a Barstow hat is relevant to your We’re Alive interests, I’m going to assume you’re not entirely caught up with the series in which case I’m just going to tell you that you want the hat anyway.

If this is something you’d like in your collection, leave me a comment below! What is in the comment is irrelevant, but bonus points if you tell me your favorite We’re Alive character! (Or if you tell me I’m a way better We’re Not Dead host than Nikvoodoo ever will be.)

…WHAT? I DON’T HAVE LICE. Don’t judge me. My hair is pure and clean — just like that of Scratch’s heart. ;D


  1. I do! Of course my favorite character is either Datu our that incredibly amazing and under utilized girl that played a nurse in one episode!

  2. I totally want the hat! Then I can wear it when I listen for the latest on Michael and Sal! (Oh, and, uh, yeah! Of course, you’re a way better host than Nikvoodoo ever will be!)

  3. i will tell you anything you want as long as it gets me that hat. but to be truthful yes your a better host the voodoo

  4. Wow, that is amazing. I am a huge Pegs fan with Vicky running a close second (I would totally skive off duty to play Football/Soccer as well), and noone needs to tell you that you are better than that Voodoo guy. That is just a given.

  5. Riley is my favourite character, kick ass french girl who knows how to use a bow. Total BAMF. Oh and Nikvoodoo’s got nothing on you

  6. you are a much better host,,and funny ,,thats what I look for ..cheers,,I’d love the hat..I’d wear it to work to show off and then put it in a clear case,,BTW I work in a prison in Ontario Canada

  7. Sol has turned out to be my favorite character. He’s matured so much since the early episodes. He was immature as a person and a soldier, now I think he’s turned into not only a good man, but also a good leader. #teamsol BTW…you are so TOTALLY a better WND host!!

  8. Burt overcoming so much torture and still not giving up his friends, he wins in my book. Also, you like Angel so you win over Nikvoodoo. That and I was able to beat his score on Yahtzee, so somewhere that counts for something, but I think that’s just a personal gloat.

  9. First britt is by far THE BEST HOST ON wnd.  I mean you are the ild school hostess with the mosstess and lets be REAL YOU HAVE A WOMAN CAVE!!!  I mean superman had a awesome cave!  So i vote britt for walk on role in rhe game mass effect  future endevors.N7 and or dragon age. Oh and zombie dessert you are not! John. :) 
    Well can i just say victor is my favorite character. The perfect friend for saul. 

  10. Victor is my current favourite character, although I loved Kalani and to a lesser extent Angel. Nikvoodoo? Pfft, nowhere near as good as you.

  11. Definitely Burt! That badass old man needs to be rescued! And yes you’re the best host we could ask for.

  12. Michael is my favorite character. He reminds me of Maj. Dick Winters from Band of Brothers. One of the best leaders taht anyone could find and even still doesnt play by most of the rules.

  13. Hard to pick a favourite but Michael seems a good choice. Of course you’re a better host, goes without saying

  14. Being a Detroit Lions fan and living in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I at times
    feel like I’m the only survivor.. So I need to get a new hat to wear to
    avoid the “nice” comments I sometimes get when in my Lion hat.

  15. Riley is one of the key charters in the story. She has a strong side, but she also know’s how to show her weakness. I would like to think that they should hire you on as a co-host maybe? Share the spotlight a little bit? And then eventually take the place? Really looking forward to what Were Alive has to offer, and i love what they do!

  16. Gotta love Michael, a true leader and a likeable voice(the actor)! And you happen to be pretty cute so make sure you sign the hat too!

  17. Burt is my absolute favorite character. He’s such an abrasive personality
    that he almost screams out to be loved.

  18. Burt was my favorite for awhile but I’m going with Saul right now. Love how he will do anything to reach his girl. That’s how I hope I’d be in that situation.

  19. Saul and Burt almost completely tied.

    Saul – Follows his heart, is completely passionate, and still knows how to have fun.
    Burt – He’s F***ing Burt… How can you not love him?

  20. I love all the characters, but if I had to pick a favorite it’d be Saul hands down. Sure, he isn’t the world’s best shot, but he wins out in heart and puns and one liners. Also the whole pet chickens/animal soft spot and loyalty to Lizzy are a pretty big plus. :D also, nikvoodoo cries in shame because he can’t measure upto your greatness!

  21. My favourite character is Burt, he seems like the kind of guy that would be that awesome uncle. I’m so glad I found the podcast when I did, it’s great!

  22. My favorite character is Saul. He seems the most level-headed and laid back for being in a Zombie Apocalypse. Without going into spoilers, he is loyal to a fault and dedicated. I have no good reason for needing the hat other than I’m a fan of the show. My life is good and I have much to be thankful for, but I would be excited to win it. Also, with me being bald, I don’t have to worry about getting your head lice….

  23. I think Burt is my favorite character but Bricks is getting kinda ballsie and I’m convinced he’s going to switch teams . I listen to a every We’re not dead episode unless nick is on .. Boooo! Ha ha I want that hat!

  24. I’ve been a fan for the past year and a half. Was listening to the show in one ear at the office. Got half of my co-workers addicted to it as well! This would be fun to show around the office!

  25. Saul for sure. And my favorite zombie is the tatted up fellow that almost killed them all. I love the character development on the show.

  26. I really like Victor. He’s always complaining but, he is a good sport.

    Sorry Nick,,, but I need that hat so … for a podcast host I prefer Brittany! maybe nick should go crash a helicopter for ass all results !

  27. I do not have one favorite character, I have two. Saul and Victor. They are like Batman and Robin, Sponge Bob and Patrick, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy! The interactions between those two are top knotch, excellent!

  28. I can has hat? 0-0 Saul has been my favorite character all throughout it. He’s been quite the dumbass at times, but his head over heels devotion and faithfulness has kept me rooting for the guy. As for saying that you are a better WND host than Nik, well I can agree to that since you are really nice enough to read some of the shtuff we forum members post. Now I can has hat? ^w^

  29. Saul is my homeboy! But I love my comic relief, Datu as well!
    This last live reading was EPIC!! I can’t wait for next years! Another road trip of awesome! <3

  30. As much as I don’t like to admit it, Angel was my favourite character. I found him relatable and his “conclusion” was just too awesome!

  31. My fav character by far is Samantha. Even though she was very
    short lived in the series she really struck that sweet spot with me.
    I love this series, keep up the great work.

    BTW, Im a huge fan. I only discovered this podcast a month ago and
    have already caught up. You can say I have alot of time on my hands

    You have a big canadian fan up here thats for sure, just wish you
    could do a live zombiecast north of the border.

  32. 72 comments? Guess I won’t be winning…favorite character is the giant zombie..called the behemoth or some shite

  33. Nikvoodoo has bright future, holding doors open for you…
    Burt is my favorite char, for zombie ass kicking skills.

  34. favorite character? definetly burt old man but still able to snipe some zombies with a .500 s&m… bad ass

  35. Saul, hands down, has been one of my favorite characters to watch (or listen to) develop. It was good to see him get so much love in the following posts. Riley is starting to grow on me, cant wait to see what becomes of her.

  36. First off you are the BEST of hosts. :) I’d give Burt my trigger finger for that hat !!! And my favorite character is everyone. The entire ensemble is incredible. If I had to choose Burt is my first choice but I love Kelly, Michael and Scratch a very close second. DEAR GOD PICK ME !!!!!

  37. Chin Wei. Bad ass chick. And a survivor. Would definitely want a girlfriend like her. I stopped listening to We’re Alive for a while because I finished everything too quickly, but started up again on deployment. Got me through a week or so of guard. But yeah, Chin Wei.

  38. My favorite character in season 3 is Corporal Puck. Fantastic voice actor and great inflection in his voice. But I sure miss the core.

  39. Bert is totally my favorite because we share two things: killer shot with a pistol and one sweet name! And Nik doesn’t hold a cup to listening to you on WND. Keep up the great work!

  40. I can’t pick just one favorite character. This series is thanks to everyone putting in fantastic characters and voices. Thank you so much for making an amazing series.

  41. Burt, hands down, all other choices are invalid. chapter 6, Burt showing Scar face his one shot kill shot. I would give my right testicle so Burt could keep his trigger finger.

  42. Scratch is my favorite character. Her character has a lot of depth. She has a deep down need to protect those around her, but at the same time won’t stop at a drop of a dime to destroy those that harm her “family”. I’d rest assure that Nik has nothing on you, I’d be willing to give a kidney, or trigger finger to prove it.

  43. My favorite character is Riley because she has a great accent, shoots a crossbow, and is a funny drunk. What more could you possibly want?

  44. Love the podcast! Favorite character is Saul. His character is perfect to keep you liking him while causing conflict at the same time :) here’s hoping to win!!!

  45. Hell yeh. I need to cover my shiny bald spot from them harsh UV rays. As for fav character/s.. well, I love what’s his name, the dude that hangs with that other dude..what’s his name.. looking for what’s her name at that fortified town somewhere. But yep that other guy isn’t bad either. You know the one… What’s his name.

  46. If there were a Zombie apocalypse Nikvoodoo would be eaten first, you are way too badass not to survive. My favorite are the Victor and Saul duo, the both of them together make a strong and comical team I find very entertaining.

  47. Hi there,

    first and foremost: you ARE a WAY BETTER WND host then nikvoodoo; how could there be ANY doubt … ;)

    My favorite character in WA? A hard call you are asking for, ’cause all of ’em are freaking cool – even the minions and the dead. And yet …

    Burt. Why so? Burt is badass, and Burt kicks ass. Burt owned a gun with a name. Even while being down he needed just one bullet to save Saul by shooting a “smart one”. Burt’s voice is so +1; only Scratch is kind of a match in terms of voice. Burt, the rough guy, has his weak spots and although making a lot of noise and words while rambling sticks with the people he likes. Burt has conscience.
    Burt is Burt. Says it all, actually.

  48. Kelly, yes she started out WAYY on the wrong foot but she really turned around. Between the tower fall and irwin she was kind of Michaels right hand man…person.

    I don’t know.I think she adapted really well, I mean SHE started the furniture throwing in Ch. 12!

    She got over being an uppity bitch really fast.

  49. I’d love to win a hat, especially because I’m from Slovakia and I know that I will never have a chance of meeting the crew. My favourite character is Datu, he is just so awesome :)

  50. Started listing to your podcast about 2 months ago, and love it. You guys are really doing an awesome job. Favourite character would have to be Saul. :)

  51. Angel was awesome and brave :( Like how he didnt leave kalani behind even though he hated him, and how he went back for hope :)
    Also sorry nick but im going to have to go with nurse britt :) I really like how she occasionly goes off topic :)How could anyone doubt that????
    :) Also berts a lad

  52. Wow it’s hard to pick just one. I’m going to have to go with Burt, because I’m dying to know what will happen to him!!
    And on a side note, you both are awesome hosts.

  53. My favorite character is Randy! The unidentified possible ‘smart’ zombie because 1) we have the same name 2) he’s a zombie and 3) we don’t know much about him…international zombie of mystery

  54. Thought I was the best character. Me the listener i am there threw all of the chaos. There to listen to everyone’s side of the story and able to come to my own conclusions about what really is going on. all though i cannot exactly change the story while it is in progress i still feel like i am there.

    For now at least, We’re Alive.

  55. Firstly I Just want to remind you of our great platonic love and how much love I have given We’re Not Dead. Also Nik was not on the episode I got invited on thus he is the inferior host. That and where is huh? I know you will make the rightchoice :)

  56. RANDY! He’s mysterious, smart, and a zombie! Plus he knows Michael somehow and may have saved his life when he was at the water pump……and we share the same name!

  57. I just discovered yall as i was listing to the series. Great show, and keep up the great work!
    Favorite Character is Angel, i loved his character growth.

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