Why You Shouldn’t Spend Money On That Rare NES Game

rare game

Here we are with another “HOLY CRAP A RARE GAME IS ON EBAY AND IS GOING TO SELL FOR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!” moment. The game you see above is supposedly one of the 116 custom carts from the 1990 Nintendo World Championships. 

If you’re a collector, maybe you’re interested. But I’m here to tell you you shouldn’t buy that shit. I’ve seen something similar like this before.

The Ring


You can thank me later.


  1. You are just trying to scare us so you don’t have any competition in bidding for it. That’s not going to work on me! Now if I can only remember my eBay name since I haven’t used the site in years.

  2. This wouldn’t at all be a plan to discourage other people from bidding just so you can have less competition is it?

  3. uhhh your kidding me right 5k for this, I like to buy expensive shit but damn 5k for a unmarked video game..pass!!

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