Why use your own millions when you can go to Kickstarter?


This is obviously the thought that went through the head of lottery winner Ellwood Bartlett – Bunky to his friends. Bunky won an amazing $42 million in 2007 in the MegaMillions draw in Maryland, but it seems that he’d rather not use his personal funds to get his video game dreams off the drawing board.

Instead, he’s placed his idea for Your World on crowd funding platform Kickstarter and has announced his aim of raising $1.1 million in 50 days for the project.

Kickstarter was launched in 2009 and the mission of the company is to help bring creative projects to fruition. Since the company was launched over 5 million people have put funds into more than 50,000 different creative projects. These include video games, music, films and comics as well as food-related projects. In return for investing in a Kickstarter project, people are offered special experiences and tangible rewards for their contributions.

Bartlett has explained part of his reasoning to go to Kickstarter for funding was to assess how much interest there is in his gaming idea. Your World would be a multiplayer game similar to the World of Warcraft. It’s a combination of this and Star Wars, according to the description by Bartlett on Kickstarter.

However so far it seems that Bunky’s plans to get a kick start to his gaming project may have backfired. So far he’s only got pledges of $296 for his $1.1 million target and he’s enraged people on different internet forums like Eurogamer who have accused him of misuing Kickstarter when he clearly doesn’t require the financial backing that other people do.

Perhaps potential investors will decide which U.S. lottery to play with the money that they could have invested in Bunky’s game. It could turn out to be a better use of their cash!

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