Why Pokemon Shouldn’t Visit Their Hometown

This brings up a point I haven’t thought of before. I mean, let’s say you catch a Pidgey and eventually it evolves into Pidgeot because you’re a badass like that. But during the process of evolving your Pidgey into said Pidgeot you totally neglected your Bellsprout — which you acquired in the same area has your Pidgey — and it’s still Lvl 4 and basically worthless. What do you do? (Besides spam the Rare Candy cheat?) You go to grindable areas where your Bellsprout can stand a chance; you go back to the old route you found it on. But by doing so you’re re-introducing your Pidgeot to its old Pidgey friends, who are still, well, Pidgeys.

How does that make Pidgeot feel? Why hasn’t anyone addressed this question before?

Because we live in a world filled with assholes, that’s why.

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