Why I should be going to Sakura-Con this weekend:



Man, I’ve been missing out on the Dragon Age goodies lately! First I missed the release of Dragon Age: Asunder by three months and now the anime is premiering IN MY ‘HOOD on Friday and I had absolutely NO CLUE! 

I won’t be there, however, becaaaaauuuuuuse I have to work. Maybe if I had known about it ahead of time I could have scheduled some time off — but then I’d be paying about $60 just to get into the con…and paying $60 to watch the premiere of a series doesn’t sound all that appealing. And to be completely honest, my interest level for this is at 62%. I’m not absolutely dying to watch it (let’s face it, these anime spinoffs tend to kinda, well, suck), but because it is Dragon Age and because it’s actually relevant to the Dragon Age story I feel like I should already be camped out in line. 

Either way, I’m a little butthurt. 



If you’ll be at Sakura-Con, please let me know how it is! AND IF YOU GO TO THE DRAGON AGE PREMIERE I WILL HAVE YOUR CHILDREN!!!!*

*I will not have your children.


  1. Bleh story sounds like feed off of DA2 Same with Asunder :/ Have you checked out the Digital Comics yet?

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