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While I’m still digesting my thoughts about Sony’s looooong-ass press conference, I thought I’d share what a lot of you had to say about last night’s PS4 reveal. Naturally every opinion was different, but some were vast — some of you gave it a 4, others gave it a 9 or 10. Not too surprising seeing as every gamer has their own sweet spot that needs to be tickled for high scorage, but hey, it’s still interesting to read your opinions.


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I agree that the conference drug out a little too long (did we really need every presenter to tell us how ground-breaking and innovative the PS4 is?) but there were definitely some exciting stuff that got me a little hot under the collar. While I suppose we can’t really expect a leap in graphical capabilities, we should expect some innovative new ways to interact with our console and with fellow gamers, and I feel like what Sony unveiled last night appeased that expectation. There’s a lot more to be revealed in the upcoming weeks and months (like, um, the actual console) so, personally, I expect to be salivating for PS4 news for quite some time.

What did you think of Sony’s conference?


  1. 11.6666666667 out of 5.

    No. It was a good conference, still a lot to learn about, but overall it was solid and they didn’t make any major mistakes. (Though Square Enix made a mistake by just trotting out a tech demo we’d already seen.)

    Expect we’ll see more around GDC/PAX East, then a major blow out at E3, and other big things for Gamescom and TGS. 2013 will be nuts.

    And we still have to see how Microsoft will respond.

  2. I liked it! But I agree I wish we could have seen the counsel! The cross play between the Vita and the PS4 got my attention….mainly cause I have a Vita (and I do like it) but it needs more! Also the ability to play while downloading was also a interest of mine…..the question is will it be streamed like OnLive was (which some games it worked great with, others…..not so much) Or like a World of Warcraft down-loader….playable but laggy! All in all I would have to give it a 7, it reminded me of the joy of my PS2 and why I still believe it was the greatest system of all time! Plus the Cloud stream of ps1, ps2 and ps3 means I get the cake and eat it too!

  3. I thought the conference itself was pretty good (I probably would have gave it about a 6), even though the hardware (well, the hardware capabilities, since they didn’t show much actual hardware except for the controller) was definitely more impressive than the software. I can’t say any of the games they showed made me want to get a PS4 (not that they all looked bad, I just wouldn’t call any of them a system seller).

    And since the PS4 can’t really do anything as far as backwards compatibility goes (meaning I’ll need to keep my PS3 regardless), there doesn’t really seem to be much reason for me to get a PS4 at launch. I may reevaluate two or three years down the line when it has more games and some ability to play my PS3 stuff (with the Gaikai streaming thing).

  4. I enjoyed the main info but the other 90% of buzz words and padding made me snore, I literally missed the PS4 annoucement until I heard clapping and looked up to see PS4, because I spaced out.

    I talked to my friends today and my general conclusion is:
    Jack Trenton would have made it better, the man has a way with words.

  5. They definitely got me excited. I’m totally digging the new controller and online features. The trailers were nice. Wish there were a few more. And shoot, if I had known you were going to be posting those scores I would have tweeted an opinion to go along with my ‘8’. :)

  6. 9. The controller and specs are amazing, the cloud features are intriguing, and the game selection was quite decent. Expecting a lot more out of E3. To those who ding Sony for not revealing much that you didn’t already know, keep in mind that Sony had no control over the leaks that occurred ahead of the announcement. The information was too explosive to contain!

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