What Gaming Sins Have You Committed?

game sin

To add to that list:

  • Killed several livestock in Harvest Moon (Harvest Moon)
  • Banged many women and never gave them a true relationship (The Witcher)
  • Unnecessarily attacked Cuccos (Zelda)
  • Failed to help someone better their life by refusing to accept a side-quest (Every game, like, ever)
  • Destroyed the ____ race (Mass Effect)
  • Broke someone’s heart (Every BioWare game)
  • Allowed my fairy village to completely and utterly fail resulting in several deaths (Breath of Fire III)
  • ____ ____ ____ _____ ____ ____. (The Last of Us)

I mean, I could go on and on. But I want to hear from you — what are some of the worst things you’ve done in a video game?


  1. Whenever there was an unwanted birth in the Sims, I’d leave it outside on the front lawn for a days for Social Services to pick up. But hey, at least I left it on the lawn, that way they didn’t even have to knock on my front door.

  2. Let Trish die to save a dozen doctors. (inFAMOUS)
    Led Tali on before choosing Miranda for a relationship. (Mass Effect 2)
    Killed a LOT of Wookiees as Darth Vader. (SW: The Force Unleashed)

  3. I have committed unspeakable atrocities; I turned all of my Dittos into whores, treating them as if their only purpose in life was to make babies. I have slaughtered entire species just to get Xbox achievements. I have built large, inappropriate statues on Minecraft. I have covered a Minecraft town with lava just to watch the villagers burn. I have been the cause of intergalactic war that caused the deaths of billions, and the destruction of planets. I have worked to increase my “bunnies slaughtered” score on Skyrim (Yes, it really exists, look on your character history). I have married more than one person without the other knowing, then laughed at the fight when they found out. I have joined the dark side, doing… unspeakable things. I have Gambled a LOT, and cheated at said gambling. I have launched children from mountaintops. I have fenced in hundreds of vacationers and watched them get slaughtered by dinosaurs. I have thrown vehicles full of my trusting allies off of cliffs, sometimes joining them. I have done drugs. I have neglected companion cubes. This is just scratching the surface.

  4. “Banged many women and never gave them a true relationship”
    Only a sin if that’s what they wanted and stuff wasn’t talked about ahead of time…

    … that’s my defense anyway.

  5. Oh man! I had no idea what to do with that Fairy Village in BoF III!! And I’ve been known to destroy countless lives by releasing Bowser in the first SimCity. I’ve thrown even more NPC’s into the nearest bottomless pit/lava/spikes just so that they’d move out of the way. Yeah, that’s bad.

  6. I have had two unholy crusades in my gaming career which I feel like now is the perfect time to atone for.
    1.Replayed the naboo battle in Star wars Battlefront 2(or was it 1? can’t remember.) atleast a dozen times not to win any objects but just to slaughter gungans.
    2. I love chasing down motorcyclists and hitting them with a car in GTA games I laugh sinisterly whenever I send one careening off into traffic. I can’t tell you how many missions I have failed because I had to chase down and murder a biker in the middle of a serious mission.
    Other than those two pretty much everything you listed in your list. aside from Last of us…still need to play that game.

  7. i am the sole survivor of FONV…yes even conpanions werent spared, oh and i did it via canibalism, oh yes oh dear oh my <3

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