1. Halo 2, I used to go over to my friends house to play Halo since I didn’t have an Xbox. I managed to talk my way into an Xbox before Halo 2 came out. I also had moved and this was one of the things that me and my friend would talk about online (I hadn’t made any new close friends at this point) so the hype was at a fever pitch.
    The day it comes out I went to Gamecrazy inside of Hollywood video (then I went to watch charlie chaplin in a moving picture sonny boy!). I ask for a copy of Halo 2 the clerk reaches back and says “this is the last one we went through two stacks of this game really fast!” she goes to hand it to me and pauses “wait a minute.” she looks at the back of the game and laughs “whoops I have been selling the spanish version.” goes to the back and comes back to me with a fresh English copy and proceeds to explain to her boss what has happened as she rings me up. She hands me my game and the last thing I hear is “get ready for a boatload of returns.”
    Honestly if the had given me the spanish copy of that game I would have played it regardless…and aced spanish that year.

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