Have you heard of We’re Alive? YOU HAVEN’T?! Well kids, We’re Alive is a sensational audio drama that follows a group of people trying to survive an outbreak that’s turning everyday people into vicious zombies. Amazing acting, relatable characters, superb music, credible sound effects and a kickass story are just a few reasons you check out this audio drama. Seriously. Go to zombiepodcast.com right now and download every single chapter. I have not come across one person that has not dug We’re Alive. Not one.

Once you’ve blown through the available content you need to listen to We’re Not Dead.

We’re Not Dead is the official community podcast for We’re Alive. We discuss new episodes, interview the actors, hold community contests, beg for money and talk about zombies in general.

Find We’re Not Dead on:

Shuffle over to the We’re Alive and We’re Not Dead forums here.


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