We’re Not Dead LIVE!!!

Hey fellow We’re Alive lovers!

…You are reading this because you love We’re Alive, right? If not, or if you’re asking WTF We’re Alive is, I have no words for you — except for click here or else I will hunt you down and steal your videogames. There. No more excuses.

As you may know, We’re Alive has been on it’s seasonal break for a few months now, but thankfully that break is coming to a close and I’m happy to announce that my studly co-host Greg Miller and I will be hosting a LIVE We’re Not Dead episode tomorrow with special guest Kc Wayland! Um, Kc is the creator of We’re Alive, just in case you were wondering.

Not only will we be revealing the Season 3 premiere date for We’re Alive, we’ll also be taking YOUR phone calls live via BlogTalkRadio starting at 7pm PST. Have a question for Kc about the work that goes into We’re Alive? Have a question for Britt or Greg? Want to state your opinion regarding the show itself? Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you! The phone number to reach us at will be (310) 742-1832. Here is a link that contains all of the details.


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