Well, I’m Never Getting Laid Again.

Check out the newest addition to my living room, brought to you by Banners on the Cheap.

To say this thing made my day would be a vast understatement. You guys, my living room is now complete. Not only do I have a Zelda sword/shield replica above my mantle, I now have a Zelda Light World map hanging above my couch. And let me just throw this out there — the quality of the material is AMAZING.

More on this early next week! I just needed to pinch off a quick post to show you how much more amazing my living room is than yours now.



  1. The magical thing about being a girl is that stuff like this improves our chances of getting laid instead of hurting them! (^0^)/ Alistair would totally approve.

  2. I think you wouldn’t get laid because you and the nerdy guy would be too caught up talking about Zelda and stuff. Then you will probably play video games together and before you know it the dawn will rise and people will have to go to work

  3. If you hit the West Seattle fare this weekend, make it a point to check out the booth most south (right in front of a Terrible Beauty or close to being in front). They have pictures done of of like a pretty little meadow, with Mario popping out of a sewer pipe and a little money box nearby. Its classic.

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