Well HEY There!



This is just one of those oh-so-short and sweet blog posts to inform you, my lovely friends, that I’m alive and well and that I survived the tiring, exhausting seven day cruise to the Caribbean. I mean, lounging around poolside sipping a piña colada out of a pineapple will run a person into the ground, I tell ya.

(But man, do  I have a story to tell you later on. Remember when I went to Mexico and ended up harboring a parasite and E. coli? It’s kinda like that. Oh yes.)

I probably won’t be posting much on here until January 2nd, but you can always find me on Facebook and Twitter. Say hi, and I’ll see you on this blog next year! ;D (HUUUURRRRR I made a “next year” joke DUURRRRRRR)

STAY SAFE, FRIENDS. Have a wonderful new year. <333  

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