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I’ve recently semi-dropped off of the blogosphere (BUT ONLY SEMI) due to last week’s insane in the membrane-ness (several family members decided that would be a great week to say “OHAI!” to the hospital and doctor offices) but I’m happy to report the Brombacher clan is in the “all-clear”, and things are returning to normal! (Well, as normal as a life can be when it’s someone like myself living it — let’s face it, I’m pretty weird.)

But anyway, to make a long story short I’m slightly butthurt at myself for only writing four or five blog posts during the past week — even with all circumstances considered — and I’m now biting at the bit to pump out more blog posts than the amount of spawn Octomom has pooped out of her lady-hole.

I’ve been self-employed for about a year now, and while the first six or so months were crazy things have finally fallen into routine and I find myself with more free time than I care to admit. While the free time is nice, I feel like I need to be spending it fruitfully (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a sentence) and seeing as video games and this blog are my main passions in life, I want to dedicate a chunk of aforementioned free time to aforementioned passions and make this blog awesome. Or awesome-r if you already think it’s awesome. Like, you  know, if you want to boost my ego or something.

But how do I do that?

Well, reader-folk, I’m turning to you. I’d like to know what YOU would like to see more (or less) of, what features you look forward to (videos, game logs, my wonky news reporting, podcasts, etc.) and if there are any fun things you’d like to see me subject myself to.  I’m also looking to redesign my site, so if you have any suggestions (or know anyone awesome who’s willing to work with me) please let me know and I will shower you with my love forever. But seriously, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



  1. other than that…I think you make all of the information on your blog easily accessible. I’d say work on cleaning up some of the clutter (ie making an archive tab and tossing your “previous articles” module in it etc etc) and making it less…(tony) stark white…and you’d have a solid, easily maintained, functional blog site. I say you’re doin good so far lady! Life’s a process just keep at it!

  2. I think you playing a video game on video would be really cool. Like reviews of old games how they rated back then and how they far now. More games related photos like umm the one you post on facebook with Link, Donkey Kong, Mario, and Sonic playing poker.

  3. You know I love the n00bs, always more of that.

    Other than that, the only thing I can think of is respond to comments, even if just a smiley face or something. When I was active on My IGN, I always felt if I took the time to read a blog and comment, I’d at least like to know that the writer will read my reply. I know I’ve gone back and read some blogs that were a couple of days old and commented on them, but it doesn’t seem like you back and read comments on a blog for more than a day or 2. Though I can understand if you’re writing several blogs a day, trying to keep up with comments over several days on them could be tough.

    • Yeah, I hear you. I typically try to respond within a day, but sometimes people post on older articles and I just can’t get around to ’em. But thanks Josh, I appreciate your feedback!

  4. I agree with what people have said so far that it would be cool to see you playing a game. Doing some of your game logs that actually feature footage of you playing the game would be epic, or like Christian said you could live stream while you’re playing.

    As for your wonky news reporting, I doubt most people come here for breaking news, but I for one definitely love your take on stories. Maybe you could do some kind of daily news roundup where you give us your thoughts on all the major news stories of each day.

    This last part may just apply to me, but guess I’ll still mention it. I usually read your blog posts when you link to them on Twitter, but you don’t always tweet out a link to every story. I’ll click on a link, read the post, and then look to the side at the recent posts section and see about three or four stories I never read. It would definitely be nice if you could tweet out a link every time you make a post.

  5. I’m also down for you to post videos of you playing video games, but I also liked it when you posted that video of your latest haul. It’s nice hearing your actual voice and not some imaginary one I’ve assigned to you.

    The website can use a re-vamp, if you can manage it. The pale color doesn’t match your enthusiasm.
    Other than that, I can’t think of anything else.

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