Warm Bodies Trailer

Man oh man, zombie films have been getting some LOVE lately! First, it was the World War Z trailer, and now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to ye the trailer for Warm Bodies:

All I know is A) This trailer released 11 or so days ago and completely flew under my zombie ‘dar and B) This film is based off of a book — a book I’ve never read, mind you — so I can’t go off on one of my “THIS LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE BOOK!”-esque rants a la World War Z. But what I do know, ladies and gentlemen, is that I would bang that zombie any day of any week. I mean, he’s a hot zombie. How often can a chick say that?

Aaaaand with that I think my zombie obsession has gone to the next level.

What are your thoughts about the trailer? Is it something you’d be interested in seeing?


  1. nb4 undead cultists call this the twilight of zombie films, cos the undead dont feel, they dont think, they dont love, they are monsters and thats how they should be…
    I on the other hand look forward to watching this, it looks funny, and I enjoy a fresh take on the undead.

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