1. So you buy games bad games from a garage sale? Just to add to our collection?

    I heard Stormrise does not operate very well

    1) So do you not like sports game in general? Or hockey in general? NHL 98!!!

    2) X-men for the genesis is hard as hell. But its a cool game

    • i dont really like sport games; never really got into them its almost like…
      i can go outside and play football or go play hocky but…
      i cant kill zombies <3 (:

    • Well, if they’re there and they’re cheap, sure. And yeah, I’m not a huge sports genre fan. I was being sarcastic ;)

  2. do youu collect them? (:
    thats pretty cool;
    i just ran across you i dont remember how haha but your very funny and pretty (:
    sooo xbox or ps3?

    • YEP! My friends tell me I’m a hoarder. BUT ONLY FOR VIDEO GAMES! As for the consoles…lately I’ve been leaning towards PS3. I have yet to discover where my true fangirlness lies.

  3. Where the F do you find these people?!?! Why can’t the people in NJ be as oblivious about VG’s as the people in your hood?! I have to admit, it grinds my gears lol. Do you buy copies of games you have, or just stuff that you don’t? I can’t imagine how much stuff you must have! Keep up the good work hustler!! =)

  4. If you ever find NHL94, you have to buy it. Best NHL game of all-time!

    I am now giving up on chastising your game acquisitions, for you have skills that are unmatched. Bayonetta for $3? That’s a huge score!

  5. Bloody hell… Didn’t even watch the whole thing. I have to drop some knowledge here and now.

    Arkanoid is a simple ‘Breakout’ type game where you use a ball to destroy blocks. There are powerups such as multiball, superball, etc. In fact, it’s kind of like Peggle in many ways.

    Were you older and had you been to an arcade (you know, that’s one of those places where you put the quarters into game mach– lol kidding, kidding!), you might remember that the Arkanoid machine was the one with the trackball embedded in the cabinet as a controller. They were great fun to spin endlessly even if you weren’t playing the game.

    I’ll stop being a sarcastic ass now and just say it’s a fun retro game and you should definitely play it sometime. :)

    Oh and thanks for making me feel old as hell cause I had to explain all that. heheh

    P.S. If you value your sanity, never ever play R-type 3. :P

    • OOOOOOOOOH!!! Okay, I totally know what you’re talking about! Yes yes yes. That ball was fun to spin around. Thanks for learnin’ me! ;)

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