1. Not awkward. Not. Awkward. At. All.

    The Sly Cooper games are awesome, probably my favorite series of Sony’s big three platforming franchises from the PS2 era. I love Jak and Ratchet as well, but if I had to choose between all of them the edge would go to Sly.

    • So. Awkward. So. Damn. Awkward. I should have said I played Thieves in Time at E3, but that was it. It was a lot of fun though!

      • I’m cautiously excited for Thieves in Time, but I’m a little hesitant since it comes from a different developer than the original games. But they seem like genuine fans of the games, and it still looks good, so I’ll definitely give it a chance. Glad to hear you had fun with it!

  2. It does take up alot of time. Feigh Death lol army of two refference. Blonde proof lol. I think im scrapping te bottom of the barrel with the snappy comments. The voice warping is Adorkable by the way. AKWARD LOL

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