Video Of Things Being Destroyed In Titanfall

So, here’s the thingio: I’m not a huge FPS fan. I think the last FPS I played was Black Ops, and that was YEARS ago. And even then I only tried my hand in online matches a few times — a venture that was short-lived because it caused yours truly some extreme anxiety. I’m way too goddamn twitchy and I end up shooting everything else BUT my enemy. 

Not only am I twitchier than Twitch McGee, but I tend to bore of FPS titles because of the usual lack of story and in-depth characters. I love me a good story, and if I don’t have one to propel forward I lose interest in whatever game it is I’m playing. You know, there’s no purpose and all that.

So, enter Titanfall. And I’m not sure how to feel about it. I mean, obviously it’s a shooter, and the focus of the game is the multiplayer — two things I’m not generally fond of. That being said, all of the stellar previews and ravings I’ve been hearing have got my curiosity piqued. I’d say watching the above video helped fuel my interest gauge as well. Things like jetpacks and running up walls and shit are mechanics I’m not used to having at my disposal, so that’s enough persuasion right there to give it a shot.

It’s kind of weird when most everyone around you is all, “OMG TITANFALL! OMG! IT’S SO RAD!” when you’re not even sure if you’re excited for it or not. Like, I think I am? But why should I be when the core game consists of FPS-ness  and online multiplayer? I think, if anything, I’m feeding off of all of buzz, and it’s hard not to especially when I put myself in the shoes of an FPS fan ‘cuz I can totally see why people are flipping tits over the game. 

I think it’s one of those things I won’t know until l I have it in my hands and experience it with friends, you know? ANYWAY. Let me know if you’re stoked for Titanfall!


  1. Beyond stoked. Finally an fps that it’s trying to innovate and isn’t just a yearly polish and rerelease. I haven’t been this excited for a shooter since Halo 3. I’m also rather curious about the single player. Fps CAN have good story modes. It’s the only reason I even played halo. That being said when you’re turning out a yearly game from a factory studio things like story get ignored. I’m curious where you see RPG/shooter hybrids like borderlands and to a lesser extend mass effect mp.

    • Totally. I think it’s awesome something new is being attempted, and from the sound of it it’s been attempted VERY well. ;D Yeah, Halo is an FPS I really do enjoy, but it’s something I don’t think I could play by myself. Borderlands I LOVE LOVE LOVE, because of all of the RPGness.

      When I was saying “FPS” I probably should have clarified I’m talking FPS-FPS. CoD, BF, etc. Y’know, the linear and “true” FPS.

  2. I’m with you on this game, Brit. Sure, it looks super sweet to play, but given that who knows if there’s even a story to be had and getting my ass handed to me by a bunch of cheap, asshole, 8 year olds don’t sound all that exciting to me. If I were to play this I’d have to play on PC, because that’s how I roll with shooters. Power to the lonely people!

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