If Videogame Bosses Were Actually Smart

Holy CRAP I love this so much. You see, friends, I often find myself with ample spare time (I need more hobbies) and during this time I sit and ponder life. And by “life” I mean I ponder video games. Something I’ve often thought about is this very topic — why are video game bosses so incredibly stupid? Now, granted, I love video games and how they work (ie; I love how conveniently placed keys are, or how there are hints on how to open doors, etc., thank you devs) but, like, to think of it from a protagonist’s POV is downright hilarious.

“Oh, hey, boss dude. Thanks for leaving a key to your lair in the middle of the room.”
“Thanks for wearing brightly colored armor so I know just where to hit you.”
“I appreciate that you show me your eyeball from time to time so I can ultimately end you.”

You know? It’s just fun. ANYWAY. Good shit.

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