Video Games: The Movie


Video Games: The Movie hopes to be a thing that exists in the future, and after seeing the above trailer you best believe I backed that shit up so hard. Now, if you’re unaware what “backing” means (y’know, in case you’ve been under a rock or something…I kid, I kid. I still love you) it means I have put some of my hard earned money (read: money I earned while sitting on my ass and playing around on Twitter) towards the cause.

After all, the film has already been, well, filmed, and the Kickstarter funds are needed to get them “over the finish line”. If you take a look at the folks they’ve interviewed (Nolan Bushnell, Randy Pitchford, Cliffy B, etc.) it’s hard to say this thing isn’t legit.

Anyway, this is just my public service announcement announcing the Kickstarter. If you have a few extra bucks lying around, perhaps you’ll consider donating it to the cause? :D

Video Games: The Movie’s Kickstarter Page

(And plus, if this thing gets funded I’ll be making a fan cameo during the closing credits. You know I’ll make a complete and utter idiot out of myself, so there’s that to look forward to!)




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