Video Games Live 2012

Video Games Live was last Friday in Tacoma, WA and if you live ANYWHERE in western Washington and you did not attend, you are absolutely dead to me. Actually, you should just be dead to yourself because you missed an AMAZING show.

I’ll post pics and talk a bit about some of my favorite sets in the captions. That work, brahs? But before we proceed any further, I need you to meet the head that was sitting in front of me during the entirety of the show.

Bless her heart, this girl’s head somehow was in (almost) every photo I took. I don’t know if she had a raised seat, or what (I don’t want to say she had a extreme oval-shaped head…) but you’ll be seeing a lot of it.

Ahem. Shall we begin?

This chick had a badassery armor set on! I asked if she was stoked to hear about Mass Effect 4, and she was all like “I probably know more than I should!” and then skedaddled away to the costume contest. WHATEVER, BRO.

This was one of my favorite sets. Holy hell, that choir NAILED the “HUH HUH HUH!” you hear upon booting up Skyrim. And no, that wasn’t an impression of Butthead.
This was another favorite and was EXTREMELY nostalgic. My dad and I played DK:C – DK:C3 while I was growing up, and to hear the music with the corresponding gameplay on the screen was fucking glorious.

It was a typical Mario set ;)
This was, erm, actually a Tetris opera. It sounds crazy, and it definitely was crazy. That being said it was catchy as hell. If you can find it somewhere on YouTube it’s worth a watch.
This was a beautiful Zelda set. Absolutely beautiful. In fact, tears welled in my eyes and I’m not afraid to admit it. You’d think one would someday become numb to the rush of emotions upon hearing something like iconic Zelda music played live, but it ALWAYS happens!
YESSSS. POKEHMANZ!!! They even stopped the music and had us sing along to the Team Rocket theme. PREPARE FOR TROUBLE…
Like with the Skyrim set, the choir nailed the Halo music. Serious props are deserved.
ONE WINGED ANGEL!!! I was looking forward to this set the most. But unfortunately, the speakers weren’t cranked so it wasn’t as enveloping. Or maybe I’m just deaf from the Metallica concert I attended a few months ago…
Admission time: I’ve never played Chrono Trigger, so I couldn’t get all nostalgic and shit over this set, but the crowd was going crazy.
STILL ALIVE!!! This was the perfect way to end the night — everyone was belting out the lyric — except the dudebros behind me who were all like “What song is this?!”

If you’re not convinced you need to attend the next VGL concert yet, give me your number so I can call and bitch at you. Tickets are STILL AVAILABLE for certain locations!

See you all next year, yes? Or at least pictures from those of you who don’t hail around these here parts. ;D


  1. “Admission time: I’ve never played Chrono Trigger, so I couldn’t get all
    nostalgic and shit over this set, but the crowd was going crazy.”

    And then all credibility flew out the window! xD

    Just kidding (seriously though, go play Chrono Trigger right nao!). Good to hear you enjoyed the concert; I went to VGL in my area back in 2008 and it was a blast. One thing I like about that concert series in particular is they always seem to shake up a large portion of the playlist with something new every concert, though Mario, Zelda, and Chrono Trigger seem to be fan favorites that are always played.

    • Yeah, they stick to some of the same songs but try new ones as well. Lurve it.

      And yes, Chrono Trigger will be the next retro game I play.

  2. I had tickets to the show in Spokane, but unfortunately for me the symphony here went on strike 3 days before the concert. :( No video games live for me…

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