Video Game Haul #22!

My name is Brittney Brombacher, and I am a hoarder.

I was feeling a bit gross when I recorded this (I may or may not have ate too much hot sauce at lunch) so if you notice I’m not *as* weird as normal, well THERE YOU GO. But I guess I was still pretty weird. (Damn you, Cholula and your passive-aggressive spiciness…)


  1. Don’t play Phantasy Star Universe!!!! It’s super bad. If you want to play a “classic” Prantasy Star game, play PS2 or PS4 for Genesis. If you want to play one of the “Online” series game, either play the GameCube version of Phantasy Star Online or try all the workarounds for PSO2 on PC. PSU is a terrible place to start. It’s so bad (take it from a guy who forced himself to play through it, hoping it would get better).

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