1. I agree with Michael! I can’t believe your coolness extents to Warhammer 40K! But I felt cheated when you didn’t show the video of your playing the Ocarina ._.

      • Score! ^_^ I can’t wait! Are you going to don your Link Costume as well? Or is that asking for too much? >.>

      • *snicker* Insert *stifled giggle* Ahahahahahahahahahahaha! ::deep wheezing indrawn breath:: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

        (Yes, I’m juvenile.)

  2. I have my DVR on standby, with an hour reserved for the future episode of Hoarders featuring you. =P

  3. Save this for later…just in case:

    A woman was found dead in her Seattle home today. Authorities say Britt Brombacher, noted video game blogger and podcaster, was moving to a new apartment when disaster struck. While packing up what friends say she referred to as her “woman cave”, a large set of shelves fell upon her. This in itself would not have been fatal, but once on the floor large quantities of dust overwhelmed her respiratory system.

    An anonymous friend said, “She died as she lived, surrounded by the (crap) she loved. She’d (really) love the irony.)

    Britt is survived by understanding family, sheepishly embarrassed friends, and a coterie of questionably shady fans.

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