Do Teens Know Classic Video Game Themes?

Duuude. Watch the video and see how many theme songs you can name. THEN LET ME KNOW HOW YOU DID OR I’LL FIND YOU AND LURK IN THE BUSHES OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOME. (For the record, I didn’t recognize¬†the NBA Jam theme, even though I played the shit out of it back in the day, and that makes me incredibly sad.)

But seriously, I found this to be quite fascinating. Like, these songs were composed and popularized before these kids (er, teenagers) were even, like, specimens growing in their mothers. So, when these young’ins DID recognize a theme song I was like “YOU SIR OR MA’AM ARE AWESOME” and such.

A few quotes that made me want to cry:

“For me, classic would be like around PS2 era.”

“Is Zelda a classic game?”

;____; Friends, we are getting old.


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