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Hey guys,

If you’ve been following me for some time, you may know that I was a writer for Zaxy.com—a fun, geek-inspired blog I contributed to alongside my friends Tara and Kristina.

It makes me a sad panda to announce the three of us have decided to take a step back from blogging on Zaxy. New and exciting opportunities have presented themselves and we’ve collectively decided to focus on our own, personal projects.

I’m extremely grateful for the fun things I was able to do because of Zaxy, but most importantly, I’ll be forever grateful that I was able to befriend Tara and Kristina! (I love those girls!) And last, but certainly not least, I know some of you learned of my nerdy existence because of Zaxy–and the fact that you’ve stuck with me this far means oodles of buffalo-wing-flavored noodles!!! <333333

Dear Zaxy Reader,

Thank you so much for all of the love and support you’ve given us over the last couple years. We’ve had a blast sharing our thoughts about the newest games, movies, memes and silly toys. Unfortunately, our lives have filled up with some pretty exciting opportunities, and we need to take a step back from blogging on Zaxy to focus on our individual pursuits. We’re all still around online, and we encourage you to check out our other projects!


Blog: https://www.blondenerd.com/
n00bketeers Podcast: http://n00bketeers.com/
We’re Not Dead Podcast: http://feeds.feedburner.com/WereNotDead
Twitter: @Britt5091

Blog: http://www.italktosnakes.blogspot.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/italktosnakes
Job Hunters Web Series: http://www.watchjobhunters.com/
‘Less Than Three’ Book Project: http://www.lessthanthreebooks.com/
Twitter: @KristinaHorner

Geeky Hostess: http://www.geekyhostess.com/
Job Hunters Web Series: http://www.watchjobhunters.com/
Consulting Company: http://www.gaincharisma.com/
Twitter: @GeekyHostess

Please stay in touch with our other projects, and keep reaching out to us on Twitter! You have made Zaxy an amazing place and we want to keep chatting with all of you.


Britt, Kristina, and Tara”


  1. If it wasn’t for Zaxy, I wouldn’t know you, Kristina, or Tara.

    I am sorry to see it will be on the back burner for a while, but hope that it will eventually come back stronger than ever :).

  2. …Do buffalo wing flavored noodles exist? Cause I want to go to there.

    If it wasn’t for Zaxy, I wouldn’t have met you and that would suck! We still need to get together for geeky girly sleepovers. I can’t wait to see where we all go in our geeky-internet lives.

    Lots of love!


    • Guess what? I found a buffalo wing-flavored rice dish at the store the other day! IT CAN HAPPEN!!!

      It was always nice to read the blog, Tara. Thanks for the fun and best wishes to you in your future projects!

    • That would suck more than anything that has sucked before. Words cannot express my agreement re: sleepovers! Play some Just Dance, some D&D (I need to get my fix!) and you can finally make me that salad! ;D

  3. You know, it’s funny… one day out of the blue, I was followed by Zaxy for no reason whatsoever. I was relatively new on twitter at the time and was just talking about games for the most part. I always did wonder how they found me…

    Anyway, this was even before you were added onboard. I had already discovered your IGN blog by then, so it was kinda neat to see that they had brought you on the team. I know I cerainly enjoyed some good moments, including watching a penguin dance on your 2010 Extra Life marathon, winning a prize pack from the site, and meeting you and Tara (separately) at PAX.

    Sadly, I never did familiarize myself too much with Kristina, but I will be watching Job Hunters, so there is that.

    Anyway, to you and the other lovely ladies, thanks for the fun times. I’m looking forward to everything you guys do in the future and wish you all the best of successes. :)

  4. What?
    First Jill, now all 3 of the new Zaxy girls.
    Now we have to find and get attached to a whole new set of geeky girls.
    Your out of Zaxy but you will still be nerding it up later.

  5. I Just remembered. I was there when Tara Joined Jill. When Jill left and announced you Britt and Kristina. I congratulated you before you knew I think LOL. Now I’m here when your off. Oh the uhm awww.

  6. That’s a bummer for sure, but unfortunately these things happen. If it wasn’t for Zaxy I never would have “met” you or Tara and that would make me a very sad panda indeed.

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