Until Dawn Releasing On August 25th

YAAAAY! Until Dawn is coming to PS4 on August 25th in North America, and on August 28th in UK and Ireland.

Besides a release date, Supermassive Games also announced a new cast member, Peter Stormare. I don’t know my actors very well, but apparently this dude has been in Prison Break, Arrow and The Big Lebowski. Also, if you pre-order you’ll unlock a “special bonus scene for free” which features couple Matt and Emily.

I’ve been hopin’ for some 411 on this! The last time I heard anything about it was back in August. From what I understand, and these are my version of CliffsNotes, Until Dawn features eight friends who decide to hang out in the middle of fucking nowhere. And you know how these things go — soon after arriving they learn that they’re…[insert deep booming voice for dramatic effect]…not alone.

Depending on the choices made, players may be left with only one friend surviving, or all eight.

Snap. I’m gonna do my best to ensure all survive.


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