Seriously, guys — Unravel has freakin’ wrapped its yarn all around my freakin’ heart and simply likes to yank on it, which in turn causes salty droplets of water to slowly drip out of my eyeballs for some weird reason. WHAT THE HECK YOU GUYS.

In any case, I’ll say it again, I am in LOVE Martin Sahlin, the presenter, and I have been since E3. (I mean not quite literally, like I’m not about to roll up to his doorstep in Sweden and ask for a lock of his hair or anything.) His entire demeanor is SO refreshing, and it’s akin to taking the biggest, cleanest and most wonderful breath of fresh air to see someone on stage showing real, true emotion.

Anyway, if you want to catch the Unravel presentation in all of it’s “ERMAHGERD THIS IS SO AMAZING” glory, skip to 34:26 below. If you need me, I’ll be here, wiping mine eyeballs. ;___; <333

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  1. he seems much less nervous this time, bring on unravel bravo for cute games like this. cute little demo reminds of limbo the way the game plays.

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