UBER HEADS-UP: Video Games Live!!!

Because I got bitched at last month for NOT giving an “adequate” heads-up to my local Washington homies that the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses tour was a thing, I am hereby giving EVERYONE a little reminder that Video Games Live is ALSO a thing and that it is happening.

I’ll be going on November 9th. Yes, I realize that is, like, almost seven months away, BUT THIS IS YOUR OFFICIAL HEADS-UP: I, Brittney Brombacher, am informing all of you that these are the current concert dates for Video Games Live and I am officially recommending that you all go. I went in early 2011 and it was simply amazeballs — probably the best videogame concert I’ve ever been to. It’s flashy, techy and sexy.

Here are some pics from last year’s VGL in Seattle!

Looks yummy, doesn’t it? THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS. Now go be good little kids and buy your tickets. <3.


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