Tywin Lannister Is In The Witcher 3! (Kind Of.)

I’m only a wee bit familiar with Charles Dance, AKA Tywin Lannister, but wasn’t he a good guy in Game of Thrones? Or, like, not really a good guy but he was a good guy at the same time? I dunno. Either way it’s rad to see him praising the medium of video games. Thank you, kind sir. We need more people like you speaking up and vouching for us because apparently our word isn’t good nor valid enough to the mainstream public. ::eyeroll::

The Witcher 3 went gold last week, and for this I couldn’t be more excited. In fact I believe this excitement will cause me to crap my pants.

You know…I technically could be more excited by actually crapping my pants instead of using said act as mere verbal exaggeration, but you get the point. I hope.

…You do get the point, don’t you?


  1. I wouldn’t consider him a ‘Good guy’. But I always thought he was the practical guy. He was always trying to make the decisions that would be the best for his kingdom. I always thought he based his decisions on logical, rational thought, and never based on emotions. That is, until the very end. No spoilers, but he went from being the rational evil-doer to the purely evil evil-doer.

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t say he is a “good guy” he is one of the closest to being a villain in the A Song of Ice and Fire universe.

  2. I was pretty sure that maybe I might eventually play the The Witcher III, but now I’m actually getting kind of excited for it. I absolutely love that man’s voice.

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