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Okay, so this is amazing.

Twitch Plays Pokemon is essentially a collaborative shindig which, thanks to clever coding, allows people via chat to control the game. So, someone types “up” in chat and homeboy moves up, “right” he moves right, they can open the menu, etc.  I could be a day or two off, but I’m pretty sure this game has been ongoing since February 12th. (It took several “OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!” comments before I caught on. I have no regrets.) There’s even a Google Doc detailing current goals, accomplishments, Pokemon captured, etc. It’s pretty freakin’ fascinating.

Be warned, though, if you and I are anything alike you will become hooked and unable to stop watching. There’s something mesmerizing about this, whiiiiiiiich is probably why  it has been viewed over 7.5 million times.

GO ON. JOIN. ENJOY THE FUN. We’ll check back in a few years and see where they’re at. Maybe they’ll have defeated another gym leader by then. Also, the fact they were able to defeat one blows my freakin’ mind. O_O

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  1. Whoaa…so is this ONE person dictating the game or rather a bunch? It is pretty fascinating though. So. Much. Text.

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