1. Hmmm. All interesting games. I know my favorite hasn’t been listed just yet.

    I wish I had more games and experiences on the SNES. My three faves (of fames I actually played on the system in order) UN Rogue Squadron, Joe and Mac, Street Fighter II Turbo, Mario Kart, and Pink Goes to Hollywood.

    UN was by far the one game that I REALLY got into. Music and game play at that time for me could not be matched. Joe and Mac entertained me and frustrated me just as much as Pink. Who doesn’t like SF2?

    As for Mario Kart…why not? I agree with you…one of the only racing games I can really get into. One where I could never get bored when racing 32 race marathons on Wii version. One of the few games where I will cuss freely at all the bologna that happens…especially if I get screwed over on races.

    This is when I realize that I really didn’t have much of a life. Also…why in hell did I do long post? And why in hell am I still up?

    • HMMMMMMM. We have four more chances. WILL I GET IT RIGHT?! ::rubs beard::

      Hahahaha, I’d like to see you play Mario Kart! Sounds like it would be entertaining. AND PSSHHH. You can join me in lack of life-ness! ;) But for serious, you rock.

      • You know, I just realized I did forget Super Mario World in that list. I had more fun playing UN Rogue Squadron at that time.

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