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So, Titanfall. Admittedly I went to my local midnight release and bought a copy, but have yet to fire that bad boy up. Thing is, I totally plan to hop in a few matches with some friends, but I’ve never been a fan of online multiplayer games UNLESS I’m playing with people I know. Until everyone can coordinate a time to play I reckon it won’t get much use. I GET TOO MUCH ANXIETY PLAYING ONLINE WITH STRANGERS. (I, erm, actually started Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn this afternoon ‘cuz I need something to keep me occupied until inFAMOUS: Second Son launches next week SO WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU.)

I’d love to hear your impressions about Titanfall, though! How does it hold up to the “norm” that is online FPS gameplay shenanigans? Does it really stand out as much as people are suggesting?


(comic via dorkly)


  1. Simple, it tells us that as a female gamer you’d rather not get hit on every time you step into a match in a FPS. A reasonable request if I do say so myself.

  2. Are you serious? This loud mouth blonde is afraid to yuk it up in a lobby of strangers? You gotta be kidding me? BTW Titanfall is over hyped. Yeah its a cool game and it plays quite well (hit detection, smooth gameplay, etc.) but its as if Halo and COD had a baby and Mech Warrior was the surrogate mother. It’s very one dimensional and isn’t really all that innovative in my opinion. Jet packs, no fall damage, wall running I can get all that from Halo or Warframe for a fraction of the price or free even.

  3. I generally hate playing online with strangers too, but I find that in Titanfall it doesn’t matter much to me. I haven’t really been all that aggravated, even if I’m on the losing side, mostly because I can always say “well, they’re better armed than me,” “they have all the mechs, of course they’ll kill me,” or “I was just put into the losing side 3/4 of the way through the game.” I also think the last little get to the chopper part helps make it less frustrating to lose.

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