I really, REALLY love this time of year. After all, what better an excuse to dress up in bulky, heavy curve-diminishing clothing than winter? IT’S LIKE I GET TO DRESS LIKE A BOY FOR A FEW MONTHS AND IT FEELS LIKE I’M ALWAYS WEARING A BLANKET. (Although I always dress like a boy when I’m lounging around my apartment. The whole “gaming in lingerie” thing is totally a myth, unless you exclude special days. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.)

But for serious (although that was for serious) there’s something about the, uh, holiday cheer (or lack-thereof, I’ve seen some pretty grumpy people this month) that makes me feel all warm ‘n fuzzy. Maybe it’s setting up the tree and revisiting old ornaments, spending ample time with those who made you a spawn, the time off of work, or hell, maybe it’s HAVING A LINK TO THE PAST LIGHT WORLD MAP AS THE BACKDROP FOR YOUR TREE. >___<. Perhaps it’s creating a little village and calling it ButtsexVille, which is a thing I’ve totally done:

The residents of ButtsexVille are enjoying an evening stroll.

But of course the holiday season means I need to deck out my shit (apartment) in some shit (video game swag), so I’ve scoured the internet for bomb-arse holiday paraphenelia. I haven’t been able to come up with a lot. ;___; I mean, tree ornaments are plentiful, but I want MORE than that! I have goals and aspirations that mere Christmas ornaments will not help me achieve!

Also, I may or may not have had some caffeine. But check out what I’m most likely getting:

xmas wreath
8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath via ThinkGeek
thinkgeek orn
Classic Controller Ornament Set via ThinkGeek
christmas cards
I don’t send out Christmas cards because effort, but if I had these I might. via Etsy
I NEED THIS AND I WILL WEAR IT TO EVERYTHING. via ugly christmas sweater tees
zombie candy cane
UM YES PLEASE. YES. (Although I wish this was a few feet tall!) via NeatoShop

Pretty cool shit, right? Let me know if you spot anything that tickles your my fancy and I’ll be sure to share!

Are you nerdifying your living room this year? I totally failed last year, which is why I’m adamant on doing it right this time around.


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