Thoughts for my aunt PRZ! <3 **Update

Update: The surgery went well and my aunt is home! Thanks for your thoughts, everyone. :) 


Hey y’all that are amazing and nerdy and awesome:

I might be off the ‘dar today (‘dar meaning radar meaning Facebook, Twitter, etc. — basically my online presence may be at zilch) because my aunt is undergoing surgery to remove some evil cancer that’s lurking inside of her body. Now, this is the aunt of mine that I’ve mentioned numerous times before on my site — she’s the daughter of my gaming grandmother, and seeing as the gaming gene runs in ALL of the females my aunt is a HUGE gamer herself, so we need her well and healthy so that she and I can resume our typical rants about Nintendo and Blizzard and all things gaming-related ASAP.

Any thoughts and well wishes you may have will be greatly appreciated! I know her WoW character (above) will make sure everything goes smoothly, too. ;)


  1. My Mom recently went through surgery to remove her skin cancer. I hope all goes well for your aunt. it is really stressful thought having a loved on afflicted with cancer, but when it is over and taken care of it is a huge weight off your shoulders. Once again I hope your aunt pulls through!

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