This Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay Trailer Will Give You Tingles

“Drink with me, ya cocksucker!” <—Best.

Holy shit. HOOOOOOOLY shit. I cannot wait any longer for this freakin’ game. The excitement, especially after watching that badass trailer, is bubbling within my loins and will soon explode all over my computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse. It’s either that or the Mexican food I had last night is taking effect, can’t really tell.

Seriously, The Witcher games are so freakin’ legit. It was only a few years ago that I finished The Witcher. After that, I bought a new AlienWare laptop (which I love sooo much) partly so I could play The Witcher 2 on it, and partly so I could play Dragon Age: Inquisition on it. Yep. Those two games were my main motivation for plunking down a few thousand dollars. NBD.

ANYWAY FRIENDS. Join me in the excitement and let’s all collectively shit our pants. If you have yet to play any of The Witcher titles, this is me suggesting you make ’em a priority. dfaldjfkadjfkajfdk. GAHHHH I CAN’T WAIT. May 19th is only two days before my birthday which means The Witcher 3 is basically a birthday gift from the universe.

Thank you, universe.

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