This Mario Painting Will Give Me Nightmares Tonight

I know this has floated around the interwebs for some years now, but never have I stopped and just STARED at this picture and thoroughly dissected it.


Not only are the Koopas fucking TERRIFYING, look at Mario’s unbuttoned shirt and his junk! And look! Even the hills have legit eyeballs (and yes, I used the word “eyeballs” to avoid a stupid “THE HILLS HAVE EYES!” reference). I also don’t know how skinny Luigi managed to toss the green Koopa into the red Koopa, I mean, dude has no meat on his bones. All I know is that I’d want an IRL Yoshi to come eat the red Koopa.



  1. PCP will make you so strong you can throw a hundred turtles. Drugs. Luigi and the artist took them together.

  2. that picture is awesome! This picture has story written all over it… at first mario was trying to use his fists to pummel the goomba but its face was too mushroomy and sprung back… But goombas are such a joke he simply jumped on its head. the boomerang Bro. is trying to save his friends.

    • I’m sorry, did you say something? O_O ::continues to stare at Mario’s junk:: …so…weird…

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