This is me on Valentine’s Day:

Bioware is officially my Valentine. I mean, they’re launching the Mass Effect 3 demo on Valentine’s Day so I know they love me.

Speaking of, If you’re looking for a good romance story to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day, check out the failed love between Kaidan Alenko and I. It’s a story that involves love, betrayal, and interspecies-sex. In fact, Hallmark contacted me about making a television series out of it, but I politely declined. 

Also, I love reddit.

<3 Britt


  1. I plan on destroying romantic human love anyways…

    Either that or gaming and a string of action movies.

    My Valentine’s Day plans

  2. How is your hot sexxy self Alone on Valentines O_O
    We are guys so it kinda fits as to why we spend it alone.
    But you? Isn’t your day filled with nerdy marriage proposals, me included ^_^
    I thought you Tara and Kristina would be fighting off valentines dates with a stick. hehe heh twack

      • ^_^ I can has Hot Wings, >.> I still don’t believe you like those things as much as I do.Must see in person.

        heh heh Garrus, crazy Turian, But everyone is hunting him down =P oh no wait the merc groups think he is dead.

        o_O ideur

        FUSION >>> Garrus >> Alistair >>> Garristair


  3. valentines day is for people who have no idea what love and romance is, lol, if you need a “holiday” to make yourself or someone else feel special your with the wrong person. Game on gamers…

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