THIEF: Out of the Shadows Trailer

So, this THIEF game is causing quite a number of your guys’ panties to twist in a tight, pleasurable bundle, isn’t it? I haven’t played any of the THIEF games (a crime I’ve been ridiculed for many ‘a time) but from what I’ve heard the THIEF games are all about being a camouflaged stealthy squirrel — which is great, unless if you’re like me and have intense heart palpitations every time you try to act like aforementioned camouflaged stealthy squirrel in video games. Seriously, you should have seen me in Dishonored. And in Tomb Raider. Hell, there was a brief, albeit optional, sneaking segment in Bioshock Infinite that caused my blood to, like, gyrate.

I’d like for you guys to tell me what’s so awesome about THIEF and why (or why not) you’re excited for this reboot. Like, what does Eidos Montreal have to do to absolutely nail it? LEARN ME.


  1. For me, this game is my families game. With the first two, my children were preteen and then teen. They grew up watching me play and then playing (and making their own levels) of Thief 1 and 2.
    But, if you want to know why the game has such an appeal… That come from that very feeling you get. I am a professional Master of Ceremonies and when I am about to go on in front of an audience, I get that same – almost but not quite – over whelming feeling. In thief, the suspense IS the selling point. Followed very closely by that feeling that you’ve pulled of something incredibly clever and the half smile that comes with it.

  2. For me, the Thief games have always been … ‘safe’ I can’t stand fps where you’re out in the open, no time to observe, rushing it, rushing the game… I like the hunt, and the required patience to make the hunt successful, rush it, and you blow it… and miss some of them pretty shinys >:D

  3. Dishonored? Really? That game was too easy with appropriately picked skills.
    For me it is strategy. All too often, FPS, including many billed as stealth, have a run and gun model that requires little thought.

    Such is not true of Thief, the grandmother of stealth games. This game doesn’t simply allow for strategy, it requires, nay, demands it. Death comes to those with squeaky shoes and a lack of patience and forethought.

    I have high hopes that this reboot will serve to rewrite the very genre it birthed so many years ago. I’ve already paid for my copy in full.

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